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About Ukraine

Ukraine is Europe's second-largest country located in the very heart of the continent.

It is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania to the west, Russia to the east, Belarus to the north and the Black Sea to the south.

Not surprisingly for such a large area, Ukraine offers a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and business opportunities.

Key facts

  • Capital: Kiev
  • Territory: 603,700 square km
  • Population: 46 million
  • Government type: republic
  • Currency: Hryvnia (UAH)
  • Independent since 1991
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC +2)
  • Internet domain: .ua
  • International dialling code: +380

Skilled and competitive labor force

  • Literacy Rate - 99.4 %
  • 22.15 million of economically active population
  • holds the 5th place in the world on the number of certified IT specialists
  • 70% of adults have secondary or higher education
  • Ukraine is 16th out of 105 countries on the total number of university students
  • ranked 7th in the number of students pursuing technical specializations (Global Education Digest)


  • Attracts more than 20 million foreign citizens every year 
  • The host of UEFA European Football Championship 2012
  • Picked to be top 2012 destination by the reputable tourist guide 'Lonely Planet'
  • 9th most popular tourist destination in Europe (UNTWO)

Ukraine’s geographical and cultural proximity to both the European Union countries and Russia, large quantity of its consumers and high-skilled labor force make it an excellent location for businesses to expand locally and regionally.

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