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Business models

In today’s modern economy, employers must strive to both fatten the profits and whittle down expenses, while not compromising on quality. The perfect solution for many companies and organizations is outstaffing, outsourcing and offshoring. 

Outsourcing is an effective business strategy used to reduce costs by contracting out of an internal business process to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. Outsourcing can also involve transferring assets and employees from one company to another.

Offshoring is the relocation by a company of a business process and functions from one country to another, mostly associated with the sourcing of administrative, marketing and sales services, technical support and application development.

Outstaffing is a process of involving an external expert who possesses appropriate knowledge, professional skills and experience for the time of implementation a particular project. The company which transfers its employees to another legal entity incurs full legal responsibility for maintaining documentation, running all the necessary taxation, revenue, salary payments and other administrative issues.


  • Time savings
  • Reducing staff quantity
  • Possibility of any term employment
  • Temporary staff for short-term projects, without hiring them
  • Reducing costs for personnel and accounting officers
  • Access to resources not available internally
  • Prevention of administrative risks
  • Additional personnel in case of staff or budget limitations
  • Fewer employees on the payroll reduces direct costs of an entity
  • Fewer legal complications in case of having to fire an employee
  • Reducing HR and accounting functions;
  • Outsourcing tax and administrative requirements
  • Access to world class capabilities.

Outsourcing, outstaffing and offshoring enable companies to regulate the actual headcount without changing the staff size while boosting its profits. 
Using such business strategies your company may fully focus on the core businesses and INP-Software will take care of the secondary matters.

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