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Executive team

The executive team of INP-Software is highly educated and enthusiastic individuals who combine creative approach, hard work and vast experience in finding value-driven, quality solutions for our clients and providing the best possible service. Professionalism is the cornerstone of our success. 

  • Irina Yukhimchuk is a motivating power in establishment and building the policy of the company. Her rich experience in international relations opened new horizons for INP-Software. Her individual strengths coupled with expertise in IT, paved the way for the company to enter the U.S. and European markets successfully. The realization of new ideas goes on under her tactful guidance. Irina started her carrier as a technical writer, deputy director and director of TimeMaker.
  • Natalya Katyukha is an initiator and one of the founders of INP-Software. The trust of the team inspired her to search new directions and perspectives for formation and development of a new company. Having considerable experience in IT industry she is always bringing innovations, creative ideas, staying ahead of what our partners want. Earlier she managed IT branch of international company TimeMaker. Now Natalya is a CEO of INP-Software.
  • Petr Belik is an IT expert. His professionalism in the technical field and many-sided experience in company management, software development and successful organization of projects in Czech, Switzerland, Germany and Austria became a big contribution to INP-Software foundation. Prior to INP-Software Petr polished up his skills as a professional developer, project manager, technical director and the owner of the software company in Ukraine with the marketing department. His confidence in professionalism of Ukrainian developers made business development in Ukraine possible.
  • Sergey Rudnitsky is dedicated to tactical realization of our strategies. Не is responsible for the financial activity of INP-Software, arranging the workflow process, signs up the contracts, dealing with the reporting documentation and human resources. Sergey is the person who takes care of processes, people and the mutual integration of these two. His practicality, analytical mind and acquired skills of a commercial director at the Czech IT company contribute to a stable work of the company.

That’s why INP-Software.

Core technologies