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Our team

The main secret of our success is our team. Each of us is an irreplaceable part and the essence of what makes the INP-Software so unique and so successful in the professional development of software business. We’re all equal and the opinion of each team member matters.

We are certainly convinced that work done with pleasure becomes more effective and enjoyable. And that's exactly why individuality, creativity and innovative thinking are welcome in our IT outsourcing firm!

Each of us is a professional in his sphere. It’s so easy and nice to talk to our employees, that you even will not have any desire to leave. Despite our entire positive and joy, we are very serious about work. We comply the fundamental principles of cooperation as well as perform all the work greatly and in time.

So, what is INP-Software development team? It is:

  • Highly educated, professional developers, testers and managers
  • Majority of our developers have more than 5 years of experience
  • All projects meeting deadlines
  • Constant multiple ways of improving employees' professional skills (trainings, seminars, webinars, conferences and forums)
  • Experience in working with multinational and multilingual teams
  • English speaking employees, some also speak German, French, Czech, etc.
  • Constant team interaction, which help to solve any questions
  • Taking into account the time difference for optimization of collaboration
  • Unique friendly atmosphere, which always motivates for professional and personal self-improvement

We appreciate every member of our team and are very grateful to them for their responsible work, for their ideas and contribution to common success.

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