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«TimeMaker» (Czech Republic) is a business processes management software which utilizes its own data protection system. TimeMaker is made of E-Mail client, messaging system, chat, system for creating, planning and monitoring production tasks, online training system and many unique interface features. To satisfy the customer needs several kinds of editors/viewers for the messages andattachments were developed: editor using Microsoft Word (via OLE), editor based on the Internet Explorer engine (OLE) and internal editor based on TRichView component.

As a part of TimeMaker software we developed “Remote Aid”. It is a remote administration software for technical support team, which allows operator to n control user’s computer remotely and visualize his actions with the help of flags, markers etc. Our specialists created and integrated interactive user training system called “UserGuidance”.

Securant (Israel) – custom service software and gas station management. The program enables wireless connection between hardware modules, secure payment methods and accurate control over the process of fuelling. In fact, it provides a full cycle of fuel sale and logistics including automated payment process specifically created for managing all the processes of the gas stations.

«Retail IT» (USA) – a software for managing and accounting in the retail trading network. This program puts in automation the entire business cycle from ordering, warehousing and logistics of the goods to final sale to the customer and control of funds in the account.

mBLAST (USA) — our team improved and extended manual system of data processing.

MediaSync — a free search tool, letting the user search mass media and authors specialized in a certain topics and also possibilities for publishing materials in different editions (according to the calendar grid of this editions).

mPACT— a search analytical system, defining and comparing the influence of user-chosen authors/media on a target audience. It allows finding the authors that have the biggest influence in a certain topic, to create the list of author’s contacts and editions, to track the popularity/discussion of certain topics etc.

INP-Software developers work not only for large corporate projects but for private companies as well:

  • we are developing software for yacht navigation, driving and control (Germany);
  • we have developed many e-shop projects and portals for European and USA markets.

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