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Our story

If you don’t build your dream,
someone else will hire you to help them build theirs!

Our route to success was full of challenges and hardships. But we also started with an enjoyable pastime and learned marketing, finance and other business skills to find success by doing what we love.


The story begins in 2006, when we were developing software for the Czech company specializing in business processes management. At first 3 developers started to perform programming and in time our company employed a close-knit team of 10 professionals, who later became the core of our crew.

Due to this company we have got not only substantial experience in software developing, but also the masterminds of our team have met - Natalya Katyukha- the chief executive officer, Irina Yukhimchuk - the director of international relations, Petr Belik —the technical director and Sergey Rudnitsky —the finance director.


At this time we implemented a lot of successful projects: E-Mail client, messaging system, chat, online training system and many other unique interface features. But due to some unfavorable circumstances and global economic crisis the funding was cut off. The team didn’t get wages for months and the situation was nearly out of control.


But we were really consolidated team working for common goals, so in 2009 Natalya Katyukha and Irina Yukhimchuk proposed their loyal business partners Petr Belik and Sergey Rudnitsky, who had their own company, to organize a private business unit.

At first it was really hard time but we continued working on the application development for our foreign partners. For nearly 6 months we didn’t get any profit from our work. Despite the company has hit hard times we had one main virtue – our highly educated and qualified specialists, who shared the same dream and had their hearts in the work. Due to wise, well co-ordinated company management and dedication of every single worker we managed to weather the storm.


Soon the list of our overseas customers expanded and by 2011 we were a team of 15 talented workers, each having vast experience of participation with foreign software development projects, who decided to make a name for themselves on the international IT market.

To honor our inspirers the company was named INP-Software, an acronym of the names of those, who believed in the team and led it to success – Irina, Natalya, Petr and Sergey.


Now INP-Software is one of the well-recognized companies in the IT outsourcing industry within Ukraine, distinguished by a proven track record, client-oriented approach and substation experience. In recent years the number of our workers has doubled and we have successfully implemented a number of web-development projects and formed a talented QA team. The company has widened its horizons greatly. We also care about professional growth of each member of our team by visiting different trainings and conferences. In 2012 we participated in 4th International United Information Systems Conference UNISCON 2012 and visited world's largest computer expo CeBIT.

We strongly believe, that we get out of our life as much as we put into it. Success comes only with a time and persistent. To get it don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, spare no effort and have passion for what you do.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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