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How we work

INP-Software has a great experience in forming dedicated offshore development teams for international partners. We create and help to manage development teams of different sizes, working on various technologies.

Main Features of our business model: Our “dedicated team/dedicated developer” service is aimed to satisfy your software development needs cost-effectively while not compromising on quality. Our professional developers and testers will operate as your extended team, working with complete transparency, motivation and responsibility. You can easily monitor all stages of the development process any time.

We are responsible for:

1. Administrative management - a range of activities regarding support and management for Offshore Development Team which includes:

  • establishing smooth communication process
  • financial management
  • support activities to both the team and the client
  • administration systems (time tracking and reporting)
  • providing employees with all the needed equipment (hardware & software)
  • office space

2. HR - this activity is focused on two major processes we take care of:

  • recruitment – we offer our clients the best candidates who will fit particular project requirements and your job is only to select the candidate you like most.
  • selecting resources - we are ready to support any mode of selection and testing candidates, which you’d like to apply (online interviews, technical tests etc.)
  • training process – we have the capacity and professional resources to train and mentor junior members of our team.
  • retaining of IT staff - HR department uses efficient methods not only to find, but to retain IT staff by providing comfortable working atmosphere, interesting tasks and career prospects.


  • Long-term oriented

You may count on your team members' availability in a long run.

  • Direct communication

You will always have direct access to each team member via Skype, e-mail, phone etc.

  • Set priorities yourself

You can assign tasks, manage priorities, and watch deadlines yourself. You will always be updated about current project process.

  • Cost effectiveness

Hiring developers from Ukraine will not only cut you costs on the development process but also maximize the quality of completed projects.

  • Focusing only on core activities of your business
  • Skilled staff working only for you
  • Flexible engagement contracts
  • Possibility to select team members, motivate and manage them
  • Team(s) is integrated into your corporate process
  • We take responsibility for staff replacement and related training
  • Full protection of your intellectual property rights

Please contact us for further details!

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