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How to start

How to start

We usually divide cooperation process into 3 main stages which makes it more effective and time-saving:

  • Deep analysis of client’s requirements – is aimed to ensure proper project communications to the dedicated team. We agree on personnel requirements, select fitting candidates and define project specifications, deadlines and other activities the customer expects to have within offshore dedicated team.
  • Preparing the Contract - contains all necessary information about terms & conditions, rates and additional agreements concerning the collaboration process.
  • The establishment of dedicated team - includes hiring developers, providing them with necessary hardware, software, office space and proper managerial supervision.

Pricing options

In order to make our business model more comfortable we offer quick and easy pricing options:

  • Hourly Rate – You and INP-Software define an hourly rate for a particular developer and you pay only for actual worked hours.
  • Fixed Monthly Price – this model assumes that the fixed monthly cost will be defined per each employee for a particular period of time.

For more understandable process of defining rates for our services, we divide our team members according to their skill level and experience into:

  • Junior Developer
  • Mid-level Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Team Lead

We are always open to negotiation and ready to hear out your ideas to cooperation!

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