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The achievements of Ukrainian IT specialists

The high-tech projects are in demand around the world, have high liquidity, and are not territorial binding, cosmopolitan. Fixed assets and manpower in the industry are mobile, modern communication makes it possible not to gather staff in one place. IT-sphere - this is the future, and that’s why it is so attractive to investors. Ukraine – is the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing. At the very least, this suggests evaluating research of Tholons.


What can Ukrainian developers offer in the rapidly developing market of IT technologies? Let’s look at the statistics.

HackerRank published a ranking of countries with the most talented programmers, taking into account the decision of problems on the most popular disciplines (algorithms, analysis of large data security and so on) and Ukraine appeared in the overall ranking in the 11th place.

The drafters of the rating also published incision in various disciplines. According to these data, for example, our country is in the top 5 countries with the savviest programmers in mathematics, and is headed by the top countries in the knowledge of IT-security.

There are a huge number of potential developers in the field of internet and mobile technologies in Ukraine. According to various estimates, the Ukrainian universities annually prepare more then 16 000 experts.

The achievements of Ukrainian IT specialists.

  1. The team of Ukrainian developers Turbo Rocket Games of Dragon Sim Online application won the international competition Google AdMob Student Challenge 2016. The competition was attended by hundreds of teams from all over the world and the best was Ukrainian, who created a mobile game about dragons. She was struck by its graphics.
  2. Ukrainian project Mars Hopper - the aircraft model that can move along the surface of Mars, was among the six winners of the global hackathon NASA SpaceApps Challenge.
  3. In May, the US team Ciklum with the Ukrainian developers as part of the team won The IoT for Cities Hackathon, held in California in the Congress Internet of Things World Event 2016.
  4. In early March, the photo of 35-year-old Ukrainian Andriy Burenko was spread by international news agencies. His online project TripMyDream became the best travel startups in the world, winning the final of the international competition Seedstars Summit 2016. In addition to the overall recognition startup got $ 500 thousand of investment.
  5. In May 2015 two teams of GlobalLogic Company were among the winners of the International Competition Intel RealSense App Challenge. Project Emma App, developed by the team from Kyiv GlobalLogic office, took second place in the competition among more than 1,000 Intel technology projects around the world.


The developments of our IT specialists.

Who has proven that nothing is developing in Ukraine? Organizers of Lviv IT Arena Conference undertook this to disprove this stereotype. During the three days of the conference (from 30 September to 2 October) Tech Expo was working in Lviv, which showcased the latest developments of Ukrainian IT-industry.

  1. Tank ET-1 from company ELEKS company. This tank is designed to save the lives of soldiers. Its main goal - to increase human efficiency and ensure maximum safety.
  2. Synchronous electric car. Synchronous – is the first Ukrainian electric car. It was made and developed in our country. The designers were inspired by the Middle Ages, so in appearance it resembles a carriage - both externally and internally.
  3. LaMetric Time LaMetric Time – is the unusual wrist watch. Besides the time, the device is capable of displaying Internet-notification, show timetables and deadlines to notify, and track digital indicators, improve business efficiency and respond to information by touching of a button.
  4. Swimmerix. Swimmerix - this device is designed for swimmers. In fact, this is the tracker and smart assistant that can be customized by the physical features of the person.
  5. SenStone. At first glance - it's a piece of jewelry. But lurking is a clever gadget for external beauty. It helps people with avalanche of ideas not to forget anything. All your notions, you will be able to "tell" the gadget, and it will write you and will translate the text narrated. In addition, it will respond to your voice and remind you about the schedule.
  6. DiGi24. The new generation of smart houses appeared, and it was born in the Ukraine. DiGi24 – is the so called One Box solution. Only one system manages energy efficiency and safety in your home. It does not require additional devices or services.
  7. Ring. Ring is the doorbell for the lazy. It will allow you to respond to visitors from anywhere in your house, and even beyond. You can see the visitor and talk to him.


All these amazing developments – it is only a fraction of what the Ukrainian developers can offer to the world. Despite the fact that the IT industry is young in our country, it is growing rapidly and has all opportunities to find its niche in the world’s market of IT services.




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